King Kazma VRChat

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A VRChat avatar based on King Kazma from the movie Summer Wars.


  • Full Body Tracking compatible
  • 3.0 VRC SDK
  • All visemes
  • 10 differents facial expressions attached to hand gestures
  • 3.0 puppet control for the tail, ears, mouth, brows, and eyes
  • PBR textures
  • Cross platform (Quest + PC)
  • Idle animations : Breathing, nose twitching, subtle ear movement
  • 66 shapekeys for easy expressions/gesture customisation or 3D animation
  • Both hand collider for the ears
  • Dynamic bones on ears, tail, hair, jacket (only for PC version)
  • 4 skins presets
  • Easily customisable textures with psd and png files, uv layouts and masks. (the blender file on which the texturing was done being too complex, I preferred to provide a psd with a system of masks to make the customization of textures much easier to use. Technically, you're free to import the textures into Substance and edit them there if you know how to do it, even though they were originally made in Blender)
  • Full ready-to-use Unity scenes
  • Polycount : 33 384
  • Dynamic Bone count : 18
  • Performance Rank for PC : Medium 
  • Performance Rank for Quest : Very Poor (but still perfectly functional)

Included in the package:

  • Original Blender file with 3D model and armature
  • Unity files for PC and Quest
  • FBX and PBR textures
  • PSD file for texture customisation with masks and uv layout png files (if you don't have photoshop you can open the psd file with Krita, wich is free)

Terms Of Service:

A basic knowledge of unity / blender / photoshop is required to upload and make edits to the mesh and textures. Please do not contact me for general help with these softwares as there are many tutorials online.

This product is not refundable, you are buying a digital copy, therefore, you cannot physically give the product back to fairly get your money back.

What you CAN do:

  • Customise the model and textures for yourself
  • Modify the files for use in other applications (Neos VR, Beat Saber, LIV, etc)
  • Make 3D animations or visual content with the 3D model/avatar as long as you put a link to the gumroad (
  • Offer paid re-texture commissions (The client still has to purchase their own version of the model, you cannot provide it to them, only the texture files)

What you CAN'T do:

  • Re-sell or redistribute the content
  • Share any assets, unless both parties have purchased the original assets
  • Upload public/clonable variants of the avatar on VRChat
  • Remove or edit artist credits
  • Use these assets in a manner intended to cause or encourage harm to others, or to promote a politically or religiously motivated message or agenda. This includes but not limited to, modification of the assets, or using the assets in association with such purposes.


The original design of the character King Kazma is from the movie Summer Wars by the animation studio Madhouse, I do not own the design of this character and I'm only responsible for the 3D interpretation of this character.

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King Kazma VRChat

15 ratings
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